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Joanne Marie Lurgio, BMI IPI #464930439

Joanne Lurgio Music Publishing, BMI IPI #1075983028

Find A Dream...catch it if you dare 
©JoanneLurgio, BMI

Find a Dream…catch it if you dare 
All About the Love
Passage of Time
Get it Right
I'm Not Afraid to Cry
Does Anybody Know
Savoring the Moment
I Am Who I Am
Heart to Heart Talk
I Can Wait
Perfected Over Time
Long Way From Home
Rest Your Soul
Nothing Remains the Same
©JoanneLurgio, BMI

1 - Drink it In

2 - True Love

3 - Nothing Remains the Same

4 - One Day More

5 - Would You Mind?

6 - Stone Walls

7 - Something New

8 - Red Crescent Moon

9 - I’m Letting Go

10 - Walking on Sacred Ground

11 - Tremble

12 - My Heart has a Crazy Mind of its Own

         Rise From the Storm
        (c) Joanne Lurgio, BMI

  1. Going With the Flow

  2. I Feel Rich

  3. Rise From the Storm

  4. Young Summer Hues

  5. Back in the Day

  6. Pennies

  7. Kick off my Shoes

  8. Ursula

  9. When This Heartache Ends

  10. Shone Your Light

  11. Matter of Time

  12. Gun Metal Sky

  13. Finding my Way

  14. Silence

Bonus Track~ Won’t Ever Quit