Worthy of Notes ..

Mark Your Calender! 

Hi Everybody!

I wanted to drop a note and to let you know that Crossing Jordan is moving right along.  Most of the recording has been completed, just some finishing touches to add in and we will be ready to start mixing.  I am so thrilled with what I am hearing.  In addition to Bryan on piano you will hear the voices and tapping of Atwater-Donnelly & John Procaccini Jr, the fabulous Joe Potenza on bass, Cathy Clasper-Torch & Pamela Lowell on strings, Joe Lurgio on mandolin & Mike DeQuattro on timpani. I can't wait to hear that final production and finally share Crossing Jordan with YOU!

In the meantime, I have booked a date for the Official Crossing Jordan CD Release Celebration.  It will be held Sunday, August 18, 2019, 3pm at St Kevin Church in Warwick, RI where we recorded the base tracks live!  Mark your calendar now before your summer dates fill up and plan to join in the long awaited celebration if you are in the area.  

I'll be back when there is more to share!

Best Always








WE DID IT! Still time, but, clock is ticking! 



I am blown away by the love & support I have received for Crossing Jordan kickstarter! THANK YOU. So happy to have met my initial goal yesterday, WHEW! 
I am thrilled to see friends still hopping on board! Currently 100 supporters .. isn't that wild?!?!? 🎶💗🎶 How cool it would be to top 100 backers! Let's do it! 
Still time to join the Crossing Jordan Adventure .. but, don't wait too long .. DEADLINE IS TOMORROW (thursday) FEB, 7th 10am, SHARP! FYI ... Crossing Jordan T-Shirts are the biggest hit! 😇  That band of angels at Heaven's gate is adorable!


I AM SO THRILLED .. Thank YOU for your support of Joanne Lurgio Music!  Joanne

71 hrs and counting down to join CJ Kickstarter, pre-order your CD! 

Hello Friends!! 

YIKES, kickstarter now says only 71 hours left to pledge on Crossing Jordan kickstarter!  :O that sounds less than it actually is .. 2.95 days to Pre-Order your cd, or get your pledge in, choose a reward if you like! (ENDS THURSDAY, FEB 7, 10AM, SHARP) 

It is fun backing artistic projects .. I will keep you up to date on the progress with pictures & videos only visable to Crossing Jordan kickstarter backers :) If you haven't checked it out yet, please DO :)

Just click this link to check it out Crossing Jordan kickstarter!   THANK YOU! 


All the best,



11 days to Pre-Order .. Much Appreciated! 

Saturday morning and I am catching up on Crossing Jordan.  Time is flying by .. we are down to 11 days to reach goal.  I am inching closer to my goal a little at a time every day. Currently at 62% to goal .. that is pretty darn good!  THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE PRE-OREDERED THEIR CDs and pledged toward my kickstarter goal, many fun rewards have been selected. EVERY PLEDGE is greatly appreciated!  I will be keeping all pledgers up to date on the progress of the project. I have already posted some pictures and Crossing Jordan song selections for those on board :D

As the days are ticking by .. I see there are some folks following along ...PLEASE hop on before the deadline, FEB 7, 10am!  I would hate for you to miss out.


REMINDER..  Kickstarter success is ALL or NOTHING.   I must reach my goal of $3330.00 in order to get your pledges and send out your rewards.  This is when the nerves start to fray .. LOL.  If you are on the fence .. hop over :) 

JOIN IN ... PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS, CHURCH ORGS .. all those you think will enjoy music of Crossing Jordan  

That's it for now.  Again, Thank YOU! 

Keep Warm! I'll be back with more 


Thank YOU & Answers to Kickstarter ???s 


First, let start with a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has already joined  Crossing Jordan Kickstarter Campaign  !! Thank you for your support, kindness & generosity!  As of this morning (Thursday, Jan 17th ) I am 54% to my goal with 20 days to go! That was quite an awesome start! ..

(KICKSTARTER = PRE-ORDER your CD ... and more, if you'd like) Every pledge brings me closer to my $3,330.00 goal! thank you

But, I understand some have questions about, "What exactly IS a kickstarter campaign?" .. Let me see if I can clear up confusion.  Kickstarter is one of many "crowdfunders,"  a fundraising opportunity (for creative projects) that allows friends, family & fans to pre-order/support a creative project; in my case, Crossing Jordan CD. When you go to the campaign  you can pre order your CD and/or choose from different options to your liking. When one joins a kickstarter project you are part of the inner circle, privy to photos, updates, recording samples, etc that are shared only with project supporters ..It is FUN and at the same time, your pledge helps keep the project moving forward .I enjoy keeping you in the know by documenting the process! Join in only if you want to be part of the fun! 


I created a video that tells the whole Crossing Jordan Kickstarter story and narrative that breaks down all the facts and details of the project.  Please take a look. If you still have questions, feel free to contact me.


Click any Crossing Jordan link in this message and you will be directed to the video, narrative & rewards. THANK YOU!!

Thank YOU! talk again soon

Best, Joanne!



.. and the Kickstarter is LIVE!!!  

Hi Everybody!

FINALLY!  Crossing Jordan kickstarter campaign has launched! Very Exciting. I have 30 days to reach my goal,.. All or Nothing success.  So, Please, take a minute to view the video.  I will tell you all about it and then look through all the rewards, find one you like and hop on board the Crossing Jordan Adventure!  

PRE-ORDER YOUR CD WHEN YOU JOIN THE KICKSTARTER FUN!! :D  Every order brings me closer to my goal :) thank you

I really look forward to sharing this music with you.  It is a special group of songs.

Your support is greatly appreciated!!  Please, feel free to share with your friends.  Click on the picture to be directed to the KICKSTARTER FUN! 

Again, Please & Thank you :)   





Sneak peek at artwork for CJ album & KS 

Happy New Year! 

Hope you enjoyed holidays and are ready to plunge into 2019!   I am here to keep you up to date on the progress of Crossing Jordan Kickstarter Campaign. I recently submitted my project for approval and now waiting to hear back from the powers that be at Kickstarter. If all goes without a hitch I plan to launch on Tuesday, January 8th!  30 days of kickstarter fun.. Keep your eyes open as there will be an Early Bird special!

I thought I would share the artwork that will be used for many of the Crossing Jordan KS rewards; posters, t-shirts, note cards, signed artwork.  Shhh

The beautiful watercolor paintings by RI artist Patricia A Almonte will be the backdrop for the album art and will be offered in several ks rewards.  The fun Crossing Jordan band of angels at heaven's gate cartoon logo was created by California artist Shaenon Garrity, will be used for t-shirts, posters & various other pr merch.


Countdown to KS launch, Tuesday, January 8th .. I am getting excited.

Until then, best Joanne!

Crossing Jordan Kickstarter Launch  

HI All ~ 

UPDATE: Been working hard on my Crossing Jordan Kickstarter Campaign, getting ready for release.  It is ready to be launched.  I am excited to get it rolling. I've been having fun putting together all the rewards selections, I got a little carried away, there are 21 rewards to pick from.  My initial goal was to get started the beginning of December, but got delayed with tech issues and now we are much too close to the holidays, not a good to time for such a project. With that said, I am ready to roll and plan to launch the Kickstarter, January 8, 2019!  Keep a look out! Plan ahead ... maybe a New Year's Resolution to join in ... Kickstarter is a 30 day adventure, don't want you to miss out!  As always, I am very grateful for your support of Joanne Lurgio Music!  Thank YOU!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Happy New Year!  

Best, Joanne 


Happy Holidays! wow, where did 2018 go?  

Hi All!

Hope you all enjoyed a very Happy Thanksgiving .. Thank you for being here and following the adventures of Joanne Lurgio Music.  I am very grateful for your support.  

Jeepers! Where did 2018 go?? Can't believe the year is nearing the end.  I haven't been in touch nearly as much as I could have been, but that does not mean things are not happening.  

One thing I am very excited to let you know is that FINALLY, Crossing Jordan, songs of faith, comfort & healing, is back in production; I am very very happy with the what I have heard so far.  That is REALLY GREAT NEWS!  I now know this album is going to surpass my expectations. I'l be sharing lots with you as I go along ..  Also,  I will be launching a Kickstarter, crowdfunder Campaign soon.  I did one for Rise From the Storm; it was a great success and we had a ton of fun!  So, keep yours eyes open so you don't miss out!  

Remember, CDs make great holiday gifts! ;)    I have 3 to pick from; Find a Dream...catch it if you dare, Nothing Remains the Same & Rise From the Storm. 

Enjoy the upcoming holidays.. Peace & Love, Merry Christmas  .. Check my calendar for new shows as they are added, I update often .. I would love to see you!

Best to YOU!
Joanne Lurgio



Ready or Not, here it comes!! 

Hi Everybody~ HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Ready or not... here comes 2017! I am ready for a new year of music, fun, surprises and new opportunities. Looking back, I sure had a great 2016. Thank you to all my music friends & fans for your support and encouragement all year long. I can't do this without you! 2017 will be the year of Crossing Jordan and lots more music fun! I am excited! If you are not on my mailing list yet, I suggest you do that right now so you will be kept up on all the latest as it happens. Planning to launch the Crossing Jordan Kickstarter Campaign mid January! You will be able to pre order your copy and pick your REWARD for helping me get complete this music project. To join my mailing list go to my website www.joannelurgio.com and simply fill in your email address .. it is very easy .. and I promise not to SPAM you. Once again, THANK YOU. Wishing you much Love, Happiness, Good Health & Lots of Music in 2017! Best Always, Enjoy a Safe & Happy Holiday I hope to see you soon! Joanne