I am back to check in with you again. It's been a long road and while we are moving forward we are still not near the end. I sure miss being out making music and seeing friends & family. We are starting to see some business opening up in limited capacities; some music is being allowed outside, limited. My thoughts are with everyone suffering physically, emotionally, financially. Hard times for certain. I hope and pray you are well. 
I have a couple interesting musical things to share with you. 

First, I am excited to tell you that my newest song, "Seven Minutes Down"  was just selected in a John Lennon Songwriting Contest this week! A fun weekly "Stuck at Home" song contest. This is a wonderful honor. (CLICK the TITLE to listen) 
Seven Minutes Down (I can't breathe)  started writing when I heard the tragically sad cry of George Floyd calling out to his a mama.  It haunted me until it was complete. The song has been described as "Haunting yet Beautiful," a snapshot in time. 
It's been a difficult couple of weeks all across the US and even around the world. On a spontaneous whim I submitted the song just making the deadline. Needless to say, I was beyond THRILLED when I got the call; it IS quite a songwriting honor. 

The next cool thing. 
Anyone who has known me long enough knows I am a longtime admirer of singer/songwriter, Janis Ian, my music inspiration from back in my younger days. Well, recently Janis sent out a new song that she wrote dealing with the difficult times we are living with COVID19, "Better Times Will Come."  She stated wanted her words and message shared and invited people to record the song in all genres and all media forms with her permission. So I joined in and created a live  video on Youtube, Joanne Lurgio, Better Times Will Come (Janis Ian) Click link to view. 
To my surprised eyes, a few days after posting I saw a comment under the video from Janis, "Lovely!"  .. with a request to email her.  I was so excited. Of course, I caught my breath and got in touch. My video and Mp3 is going to be listed on Janis Ian's website along with others! I am so excited. It should be up soon. I will let you know  as soon as  it happens! This very cool!

Best to You & Be Well,