Have you met Marie?


"Marie" has literally been years in the making. Marie is a bittersweet song that represents my friends I have met while making music in the memory care units. I sure do miss them during these Covid days.

I have had the great honor & privilege to make music with friends I’ve met while singing in many memory care residences. I like to say, “we wake memories with music, 1 song, 1 hour at a time.” Marie represents many of the those friends all rolled up under the title, “Marie.” Marie got the title the day I was setting up to sing and her voice cut through the hustle & bustle, silencing the room when she loudly exclaimed, “.. and then my Mama said, Marie, now don’t you cry!”b

If you haven't met "Marie" before now, I'd like to introduce you to her in my new video. I am learning how to make videos, It is both fun and challenging .. a wonderful art. 

Marie was originally written in 2016, but she has waited patiently to be perfected until now in 2020. Proudly winning honors in 2016 with Honorable Mention, SolarFest Singer Songwriter Showcase, Manchester VT Finalist & Rose Garden Coffeehouse Performing Songwriter Competition, Mansfield, MA

Bittersweet with much Love,  Marie, the video ... (click the picture)

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