Joanne Lurgio sings "Better Times Will Come"in a project by Janis Ian

HI Everybody!

Back as promised. Last time I wrote I told you about the "Better Times Will Come" project with Janis Ian. My recording; video and MP3 have been included in this fabulous project and can now be  found on Janis Ian's website, you can find it at this link ~  Joanne Lurgio, Better Times Will Come (Janis Ian) ~ Please LIsten & Share! ENJOY and download for FREE. THEN after you listen to me, sit back and scroll through all the fabulous recordings, so diverse .. many interpretations in genres, media, countries! ALL FREE DOWNLOADS, you may even find a new artist to add to you list of favorites!  I know I have!

I am so thrilled and honored to be included in the project. We must spread the message of hope, "Better Times WILL Come"    

"Better times, better times will come. 
Better times, better times will come. 
When this world learns to live as one, 
oh, better times will come" Janis Ian

Thank YOU. Stay Safe! Be Well! Keep the faith.

Best Always, 



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